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How do we select our products

French Gastronomy focuses on rich flavours, sustainable food cultivation and mindful preparation. At Best of France, we curate the best of French Gastronomy in an artisan box for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

From French sweets to Foie Gras, enjoy our selection of French gourmet products available across Canada. We are inspired by mindful creation and conscious consumption to celebrate French culture. Cuisine brings people together, cuisine builds community.

Together we have built relationships with artisans, chefs, bakers and food artists from across France to bring you nothing but the best from each region of the country. From Normandy to Provence, Brittany to Paris, passing through Marseille, Lyon or Cannes close your eyes and witness the taste of French brilliance.

Each box is curated with French delicacies in mind. Whether you’re craving Onion Chutney, Champagne or Nougat, our team has selected gourmet foods and wines for you to enjoy.