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France is a source of inspiration around the world,  well-known for its culture, savoir-faire, and innovation. Best of France is for Canadians who want to experience the true France, revealing a better understanding and insight into the French experience in Canada. France has so much to offer, let us help you uncover it!

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Discover the hidden gems of France


From the '50s to now—discover the French culture through the ages.


From the grapes to the bottle, expand your taste of the French vineyards.


From fine dining to home-style meals—we display the full range of French cuisine.


Discover the hidden tourist treasures France has to offer. Create your unique experience with the locals’ favorite locations.

The French Food Label

Best of France Label Logo for year 2020

The Best of France label promises to recognize and empower the food establishments offering original French recipes using fresh and local ingredients. All of the establishments included in the Best of France Label have at least half of their menu or products offered based on authentic French recipes. French gastronomy —developed and refined by Escoffier, Grégoire & Saulnier, Larousse— is at the heart of what we do at Best of France.