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Our Mission

France is a source of inspiration around the world, well-known for its culture, savoir-faire, and innovation. Best of France is for Canadians who want to experience the true France, revealing a better understanding and insight into the French Experience in Canada. France has so much to offer so let us help you uncover it!

We are developing strong relationships and partnerships between key stakeholders in various industries across France and Canada. We are helping our retail partners to find and gather the best products from France.

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Our Story

With more than 20 years of combined experience  managing companies and supporting initiatives in Canada, our co-founders discovered an opportunity to showcase the best of French culture to Canadians through various experiential opportunities.

To achieve this goal, a company was created: Best of France.

Best of France was founded with two key ideas in mind:

  • Companies and entrepreneurs deserve ongoing support and effective connections to grow in partnership with like-minded transnational organizations. Our unique offerings weave together the brilliance of French culture in one platform, establishing networking opportunities for businesses and organizations to grow internationally.

  • We have recognized a need for Canadians seeking an immersive taste into French lifestyle, discovering the best of what France has to offer.

Our Approach

We have developed three unique opportunities for North Americans to experience the Best of France. Our approach is founded on three central pillars: Community, Importation, and Distribution.

We aim to help French businesses seeking to tap into the Canadian market and grow their offerings. We act as an importer or as an agent to create bonds and leverage the relationships between French and Canadian professionals.

We are constantly helping our retail partners to find the best products from France; we are creating bonds between French brands, importers, agents, and distributors in Canada.

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We created a community of French culture lovers in North America, with over 60.000 people following our thoughts every day. In 2021, we reached 14 million people, and we have received more than 1 million positive reactions through our social media presence.

We strongly believe that everyone should be able to have an authentic experience of France. We use our social media, newsletter, and blog articles to help people better understand the French culture and savoir-faire.

Importation | Best of France


We are developing strong partnerships with French companies that desire to export their products to Canada. We have helped more than 35 French companies to get their products distributed in Canada.

We select, gather, and import the best fine food products from France to help our retail and distribution partners in Canada. We work with major distributors such as Costco, Metro, Walmart, and Loblaws. We also work with grocery stores, importers, wholesalers, and purchasing agencies.

We are also helping establish bonds between Canadian agencies and unique French wines and spirits.

Gourmet Boxes | Best of France


We have created a unique online shopping experience for French product lovers. A unique look at the creative, artisanal, small-batch French producers we carefully selected from various regions in France.Thanks to our Gourmet Gastronomy Boxes, Canadians can experience the rich taste of products local and unique to France.

From Foie Gras to exquisite bottles of wine and Champagne to Calisson d’Aix, we offer an exclusive gourmet experience to Canadians who love French cuisine and culture, all from the comfort of your homes.

Our Team

Anne Desplanches

Anne Desplanches

Content Coordinator
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Franck Point

Franck Point

Co-founder | Director
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Julien Mainguy

Julien Mainguy

Co-founder | Director
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We are always looking for remarkable people to join our team. If you are interested in our mission and related to our values, please send us an email with 2-minute videos (you can use Loom) explaining who you are and what makes you want to join us.

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Business Inquiries

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