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Espelette pepper Foie Gras


This block of Duck Foie Gras from South-West of France with Espelette Pepper will allow you to experience the ultimate gourmet experience that French gastronomy has to offer.

Foie gras is truly the ultimate gourmet experience that French gastronomy has to offer. Here the Maistres Occitans allows you to experience this jewel of France with the hint of Espelette Pepper, a regional spice cultivated in the French commune of Espelette in Pyrénées-Atlantiques by the Basque people.

Duck foie gras, water, salt, pepper, Espelette pepper (0.3%)

Maistres Occitans

Specialist in fatty duck since 1975, the Maistres Occitans offer a wide choice of quality products, responding to each of your desires... Whether you are looking for tradition or modernity, the Maistres Occitans will seduce the most gourmet among you!

Their Producers: “Here it’s all life and taste. In this land of good living, you know how to take the time to get the best of the fat duck.”

They are a cooperative union of producers, meaning that all producers are cooperators who take part in the company’s decisions. They also set the guidelines for boards of directors.

All breeders and feeders are geographically close to Maistres Occitans, they are installed on the Lot (46) and its neighboring departments (12, 15, 19, 24, 81, 82) which allows to sustain their territory.

They are all proud of their profession. They practise it in accordance with the traditions of the Southwest. They are committed every day to producing the best in the respect of their environment, and their greatest satisfaction is to make you share the happiness of rediscovering real flavors.

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