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Figs Chutney


This homemade fig chutney will take you on a delicate journey where the sweetness of the fig will enhance your cold or grilled meat, pasta, appetizers, and of course Foie Gras.

The Vieux Chérier's homemade fig chutney is made with local products grown and manufactured in France. The fresh figs are cooked in a traditional and handcrafted way. The sweetness of the fig is highlighted by the cinnamon, the wine vinegar and most importantly the ginger pepper. This sweet gourmet fig chutney will perfectly go with Foie Gras and a glass of white wine such as Monbazillac.

68% fig puree (90% fig puree, 10% sugar), onions, sugar, wine vinegar (including potassium metabisulphite preservative), salt, gelling agents: pectin and calcium citrate, cinnamon, ginger pepper

Les confituriers du Vieux Chérier

«La belle histoire» begins in 1993 in the heart of the Monts de la Madeleine, at 800m of altitude... That year, they settled as fruit producers in Chérier near Roanne (42 - Loire in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes). In 2003, the growing success of their recipes and the demand for other fragrances no longer allowed them to be “planted and bassines”. They then became jelly "artisans" and thanks to their rich experiences, they now devote themselves entirely to the processing of fruit. They are proud to make you discover their products and a passionate team at your service.

Marie-Odile and Philippe Doron

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