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Saffron Champagne Jelly


Saffron Champagne Jelly bring two noble products together. The combination of champagne and saffron turns what could have been a bland jelly into a luxurious gourmet experience.

This Saffran Champagne Jelly make two noble products come together. The champagne used to make this jelly comes from the Deneufchatel house, located on the Côte des Blancs in Bergères les Vertus. We use a white champagne, which is less acidic. This jelly stands perfectly, and is almost to cut with a knife. It will marry pleasantly with cheese but also with foie gras. Why not dare a sweet/salty dish by pouring this preparation on meat or fish!

The Côte des Blancs is a wine-growing area belonging to the vineyard of Champagne and intended for the production of champagne. Located in the Marne, it extends south of Epernay for about 20 kilometers. The Côte des Blancs owes its name to the colour of the grape variety that is 95% planted, Chardonnay, which is the only white grape variety authorized in Champagne. Champagnes produced in this area are labelled “white of white”.

The Côte des Blancs gives birth to popular champagnes, which according to connoisseurs are full of vivacity and spirit, with light and delicate aromas, symbols of finesse and elegance.

49.8% white champagne (sulphites), 49.8% sugar, 0.3% agar-agar (natural pectin), and 0.02% saffron.

Le Safran

Le Safran is dedicated to the sale of saffron filaments, products derived from this spice and bulbs. The saffron plantation is located in the Ardennes, near Belgium and Luxembourg.

The filament saffron sold on this site is a 100% natural and French quality product. This saffron does not undergo any chemical treatment! Products derived from saffron combine the spice with noble products of recognized quality.

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