A Beacon to French Cuisine

The Best of France Label is reserved for excellent and authentic French food establishments in Canada, promoting French recipes and local ingredients.
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The label promise

The Best of France label promises to recognize and empower the food establishments offering original French recipes using fresh and local ingredients.

All of the establishments included in the Best of France Label have at least half of their menu or products offered based on authentic French recipes. French gastronomy —developed and refined by Escoffier, Grégoire & Saulnier, Larousse— is at the heart of what we do at Best of France.

The products

Using quality, local, and fresh ingredients while respecting cooking traditions and principles, is the foundation of French cuisine and a pillar for the Best of France Label.

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Local & Fresh

French chefs understand that using fresh and local ingredients is at the heart of French cuisine. The Label requires chefs to ensure that the raw materials and ingredients are conserved in appropriate conditions to avoid deterioration or contamination of the products.

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The Label emphasizes that all ingredients and preparations are to ensure a quality product. Establishments are asked to distinguish the quality and origins of the presented products—especially with respect to the appellations, and prioritize non-GMO ingredients.

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Seasonality & Biodiversity

The restaurants must highlight the seasonality of their products, push forward the producers of French and quality products, and respect the environmental impact regarding both animal and biodiversity equilibrium.

The recipes

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Authentic French Recipes

Recipes must be established with creativity, discipline, and attention to detail. The recipes must be French or inspired by traditional French cuisine. All the dishes are produced ‘in house’ and must be presented as ‘homemade’.

The customer service

French cuisine is not only about recipes and ingredients, but also about excellent service catering. Canadians are more inclined than ever to seek out a full culinary experience, from the reception to the payment. It is our responsibility to offer them an adventure into the French culinary world.

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Engage your customers by guiding them through a true French experience via your menu. The waitstaff must be able to inform the customers on the recipes and their origins, and provide food and wine pairing options. The host will be personalised within each establishment and will reflect a traditional French professional influence.

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Customers will be welcomed with courtesy, attention to detail, kindness, and generosity. Being attentive and anticipating the customers needs, the staff will need to ensure excellent service by providing a tailored experience to the customer’s preference. Ensure quality standard of table and plate decor, respecting the flow and harmony of the establishment.

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The Label will not only endorse the restaurants, but the chefs and kitchen staff as well. The Label will provide an insight on the excellence of the staff to the local, French, and international clientele.