first French Gastronomic label in Canada

Be an ambassador of the French cuisine community
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Criteria that protect French Cuisine

French cuisine is renowned worldwide, and the term 'French Cuisine' can be a persuasive communication and marketing tool. Over the past years, businesses use French Cuisine more for marketing than for the culinary experience. As an ambassador of the French savoir-faire in Canada, you deserve to be recognized and differentiate yourself from other businesses.

Your business should stand out; which is why we created a set of criteria that every future Label member will need to meet, thereby ensuring we uphold the integrity of French cuisine.

the advantages of the Label

As ambassadors of one of the most renown cuisines in the world, we need to unite our community, grow together, engage our customers, and present our savoir-faire.

Connect with the community

Engage with future customers

Grow your business

Get Recognition

A renowned committee

The Best of France Label committee is composed of renowned business owners and chefs across Canada. Each shares the same passion, the same profession, and face the same issues as your business.
The committee will make the final decision whether to accept a business in the Label or not; it is their duty to protect the Label, and again, to protect the values of French cuisine.

Yves Marie Rolland

Pastry Chef, Fierbourg

Thomas Delannoy

Bocuse d'Or Canada

Romain Avril


Véronique Blanchard


Franck Point

Owner, Faubourg

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A simple process

You own/manage a French restaurant, bakery, or pastry shop, but you don't have the time to handle a long and challenging process to be labeled?
We understand, which is why we created a simple method to help you save time.

Request the form

You are at the beginning of a new adventure that will bring your business closeer to the French cuisine community in Canada.
The only thing you have to do is to push the start now button and send us an email to receive our form.

Pass the committee review

To be sure that you understand the process, the advantages, and the criteria to join the Label, you will have a 1-hour meeting with the committee.
If you still have questions or inquiries about the Label, it is an occasion to ask them.

Pay and fill your profile

This is the last step before you become a part of the French cuisine community in Canada.
Once your profile is filled, you will start to receive all the benefits and advantages of the Label, community, visibility, recognition, and more.

Do you own or manage a restaurant?
a bakery? a pastry shop?