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Canadian Tourism Market Data

The data and resources below are from studies conducted by Atout France, Business France, and the Croix Bleue.

Key insights

  • 37.6 million inhabitants
  • 51,342 GDP per capita (USD, Purchasing Power Parity, 2018)
  • +1.7% GDP in 2019

France is the number one destination for Canadians traveling to Europe (1.2 million tourists in 2018). Canadians are listening to recommendations, social networks, and influencers, These actors play an important role in choosing tourism destinations. Canadian tourists (similar to the US) do not always know the disparities, differences, and added values offered by certain regions of France.

Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba are growing tourism markets. Agencies vary through provinces; they can be an ally of choice. Indeed, the majority of Canadian tourists who have visited France in recent years are over 55 years old, a clientele that tends to plan trips entirely organized by an agency.

It is essential to connect with local tour operators, as Canadians are very attentive to recommendations (see above); tour operators are important to develop your network in Canada.