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Canadian Education Market Data

The data and resources below are from studies conducted by Campus France and the Canadian Bureau of International Education.

Key insights

  • 37.6 million inhabitants
  • 51,342 GDP per capita (USD, Purchasing Power Parity, 2018)
  • +1.7% GDP in 2019

Canada is a promising country for French schools; the country being officially bilingual, many Francophile students are interested in studying in France. The history between the two countries allows the development of strong links between Canadian and French schools. France is also the first non-English speaking destination for Canadian students.

British Columbia’s schools (both French-speaking and English-speaking) are looking for partnerships with French schools to meet their needs for French-speaking teachers.

A partnership has already been signed in 2018 between 7 school boards in Western Canada and 7 French universities. British Columbia has a network of internationally recognized schools: University of British Columbia (UBC), Douglas College, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Simon Fraser University (SFU), and more.

British Columbia is the 2nd most popular Canadian province for French students. Thanks to its diversity, its proximity to the Asian continent, and its unique climate, it attracts many French students.